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This is Black Insomnia Coffee, and regardless what the pretenders might claim, this is the world’s strongest coffee, as certified by Caffeine Informer and other science people who know their shit. In fact, you get over 6% more caffeine from Black Insomnia than you do from 100% of our competition, because we believe if you’re not number 1, you might as well be drinking a steaming cup of number 2. Take your day by the balls and tell sleep to piss off when you consume 702mg of them caffeine kicks per 12fl. Oz. Cup. It’s not all teeth, though: a well-rounded medium roast made from a perfect blend of beans from Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala and Rwanda means you got a naturally sweet, walnut-esque flavour. Like a MMA fighter in stilettos; pretty darn noice, but it packs a helluva punch. Life is filled with awesome shit you might just miss if you blink for even one second, so open your eyes and wake the f*ck up. #SleepingIsCheating.